(P)arty With Soul

Last night I participated in a different kind of blacklight party than what I’m used to.  It started early, around 7, there was no famous dj listed as the main focal point of the event, and it took place in an alcohol-free venue.   I had strong reservations about taking part in something that seemed, … More (P)arty With Soul

Gallery Shmallery

I came to realize, one day, that I had an awful lot of art.  All the walls were covered with drawings and paintings.  I had folders and books tucked away with more drawings.  I am, naturally, the sort of person who likes to stay home and make stuff, rather than go out and show the … More Gallery Shmallery

Finding a Purpose

After the disappointment of the tattoo industry, I was ready to make art just for myself again.  I even had a project in mind, which I had been thinking about for quite some time.  I had played around with Tarot cards on an off, and had a set of Egyptian Cartouche cards.  I always found … More Finding a Purpose

Art For Hire

It’s a well known fact that artists tend to not make any money.  There are a few career options available, but every one of them is low in demand and high in supply.  Anyone could be an artist, really, if they worked at it, and it’s one of those things many people love doing.  For … More Art For Hire