What I learned from a 30 day drawing challenge

For the past 30 days, I have been participating in a daily drawing challenge facilitated by OneThousandMonsters and I thought I’d share some of what I learned in the process.


Time is Short

  • Staying a couple of days ahead gave me a little bit of room in case something came up
  • I don’t have time to draw a detailed picture every day – so it seems better to keep it simple for this kind of challenge.
  • It’s difficult to do this, and also find time to work on personal projects, so it’s not something I would do in the long-term.

Challenges creativity

  • I didn’t like every prompt: some were extra challenging or uninteresting to me – and I sometimes gave up and posted a drawing I didn’t like, just to move on. Others were a lot of fun, and even gave me some ideas for future drawings or paintings (such as Mr Pizza)
  • If I do another challenge, I’ll try to give myself extra boundaries: like cute and chubby.  This will allow me to keep the series consistent
  • It was good to stretch my imagination, and force myself to draw things I normally wouldn’t.  I made it a point not to use a reference, because I wanted to see what I could draw just from memory.  In the case of the gorilla, I had to cheat, because my first sketch made me realize I had never drawn a gorilla, and didn’t really know what one looked like.
  • Drawing from the imagination is one way to practice, but it’s good to switch around, in order to grow in different ways.
  • I loved seeing how different people interpreted the prompts – there were some great ideas, as well a range of skill levels to learn from.

Opens a different market – but could dampen an existing one

  • I gained less engagement for each post on Instagram, although I got a bunch of new followers: others who were doing the challenge, mostly.  The posts I was making, because they were simple and quick, were lower quality than what Iusually post less frequently.   I may even have lost a couple of followers because of this.

In short, it is a good thing to do, once in a while, but not too often or for too long.




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