A Poor Workman Disregards the Quality of his Tools

I have been humming and hawing at the promptings from Facebook and Instagram to further promote my art, and put a call to action on my page.  I don’t have a web store, so what would I promote?  Of course, I’m a developer as well as an artist.  Why don’t I have a web store?  I have been feeling like it’s a difficult thing to do, for some reason.  I actually signed with Society6 a while ago.  I uploaded a few pictures, and the site complained that they were too small.  I didn’t bother figuring out why, because I figured I had to figure out how to promote first.  And so I find myself with promotional options, but nothing to promote – a cycle of can’t, preventing me from moving forward.

I was excited about the most recent paintings I finished – I got some stickers and magnets printed, and even some new business cards.  I updated my website with new pictures, a new artist statement, and figured I should add a link to my Society6.  Of course, I’d need to put some more art up on there.  I got out my trusty DSLR, which I’ve had for ages, took some fresh photos, and uploaded them right away.  Again I was greeted with a message about how small my images were.  I was dismayed, although I shouldn’t have been.  I stopped paying attention to camera tech, and while I wasn’t looking, the 8-12 range of megapixels turned into 20-30.  Turns out my phone was taking better pictures than my camera.


Off I went to Downtown Camera – they were super helpful, and showed me many of the new features available on cameras these days.  Even though the one I got is at the low end of the DSLR spectrum (Nikon D5300), it’s giving me thousands more pixels than I was getting with my old Canon Rebel XT.  I always remember the old adage: “A poor workman blames his tools”, but there’s something to be said for having quality tools.   Now I’m finally ready to build myself a web store.



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