Spraypainting Workshop with Mural Routes

When I first decided to start learning how to spraypaint, I searched the internet for anyone in the city offering practical lessons in painting with aerosol.  At the time I was unable to find anything.  I would have paid someone with a bit of skill to give me a few tips, but that wasn’t very easy either.  There are some youtube videos with a few basic tips, but I have mostly been practicing on scrap wood under the bridge by myself.


I heard about Mural Routes  a few months ago, and have been following them on Twitter.  They have posted about a few workshops, mostly general stuff, and usually during the workday.  When I saw they were holding a spray paint workshop this weekend and still had space, I had to jump on it.  I’m glad I did, too.

The instructor asked not to be named, because there are politics in the graff scene.  Honestly, though, most of the theoretical information is available online if you do a quick Google search.  A couple of examples:  Rules Common terms.  I wonder how well the ‘rules’ are actually followed, of course.  I’ve seen throw ups going over pieces, and plenty of graffiti around schools and churches.  Either not everyone knows the rules, or not everyone cares, and the less a set of rules is followed, the less they can be expected to be followed.   I wouldn’t go around stirring the pot, myself, but rules get broken.  It’s happened with language, fashion, and a whole bunch of behaviours that once were taboo, which have now become socially acceptable.  Change is coming, but it is important, as well as interesting, to know about the history.


I was especially interested to get a better look into Toronto’s history, in particular.  Who’s been around longest, and the fact that Skam is apparently the guy who owns Homebase.

I got to try a few new brands of paint, like Loop, and get some feedback on how I’m doing, what to do about hand cramps, and even where I might be able to paint a garage door, if I submit a design, first.  It was an eclectic group of people who came out to the workshop, which was great to see.   There was a wide range of art that came out of the group, with everyone taking advantage of the opportunity to try out a range of paints, caps, and techniques.  That was neat to see.  I did this frog, as a sort of practice run for a design I’ve been working on.


All in all, it was well worth participating in.  I’ll continue to keep an eye on Mural Routes for future events and workshops.






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