Go Big, then Go Home

I have just finished my largest painting – it’s 9 X 12 feet.  I had to work on it in pieces, since I don’t have enough space in my place to hang it up.  It’s on un-stretched canvas, like a lot of my art, so I was able to fold part of it while working on the rest.  Now I’ll be rolling it up while I look for a venue big enough to hang it in.

2016-07-22 18.24.41.jpg

This piece was intended to be the last of its kind.  I have been painting this particular style for  a few years, and the ideas I have now have outgrown it.  I want more precision, more subtlety than I can get with these cartoony solid outlines.  I have also lost patience with the paintbrush’s ability to remain constant.  As I paint, bristles break and fall out, leaving me with a shoddier brush than I started with.  I never really know what I’m getting when I put brush to canvas – and with these large pieces where I want a consistent line all around, it’s frustrating.

Enter air paint – in the form of airbrush and/or spray paint.   With airbrush it’s up to me to keep the brush consistent for a long period of time.  I have all the control.  Of course there’s a learning curve, and I accept that.  It’s actually refreshing to be doing something new for once, instead of just going through the motions of making the same kind of thing only slightly better.

In the midst of looking up techniques for airbrush, I’ve realized that my drawing has fallen by the wayside in the past few years.  I hardly did any art at all while I was at school, unless a game I was making needed sprites made for it.


When school ended I slowly got back into painting, but I was only drawing enough to come up with my next painting design.  My skill level has sadly fallen.  To counteract this, I have joined  r/sketchdaily and have been sketching something at least once a day.  I also found a site that focusses on the Fundamental Skills like drawing straighter lines, rounder circles, and getting better perspective.  Hopefully, with practice, I can make short work of this slip in my abilities.  Use it or Lose it, right?

Follow me on Instagram if you want to keep up with my progress in this new journey I am taking.


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